in life there will be trouble

walk in the dark and rise in the light

We are all broken. We all have pain. Some more than others.

Sometimes the key to overcoming the thing that stands in your way is to just stumble in the dark because the light can be hard to find.

No one likes to stumble. That is why many continue to struggle.

To begin to find our way in the dark, we have to look at the whole person - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically - as a complete being as God's creation.

It's not until we can see ourselves in the truth as a beloved Child of God that our eyes adjust and we can begin to rise in the light. We are not meant to do it alone.


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Kelly Garrett

Meet Kelly

John 16:33 says, "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

Kelly means warrior. And I have become familiar with the warrior inside of me over my life. It's what we do with life's pain that determines whether we will allow God to redeem our stories or not.

I lost my dad to cancer at the age of 13. Thinking that was the one major tragedy I'd have to endure in life, I soon discovered it was far from over. I had a full-term stillborn, 2 miscarriages, and high-risk pregnancies. I've struggled with severe depression and anxiety.

I've done immense amounts of work in the areas of mental health & psychology, motivation & high performance, and my walk with Jesus has above all, been top priority in healing pain and allowing God to write my still-in-progress redemption story. I am on a mission to show women that no matter what life throws at you, God has overcome the world.

We're impacted in different ways by different experiences, yet we are a whole, physical and spiritual being and thus, we must integrate all of these aspects to live as God intends. I've been given gifts to apply these lenses to my own life and uncover depths of meaning to continue to heal by carefully unpacking each one and processing it.

I also have a gift of helping others uncover the layers of pain and discern how all of the pieces fit together of who they are and how to access God's gifts to live out their calling.

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