What does it mean to be a woman?

There’s a blatant attack on femininity that’s lurking in society, and it is going unnoticed. Or at least untalked about. It’s created caricatures of extremes and has turned women against each other and against the rest of the world. The modern feminist movement has created a culture of marching in rallies, lobbying for equal pay,…

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How to do self care when it seems impossible

Self care can look lavish and impossible, but it's manageable with the right shifts.

I always cringe a little when I see flowery posts on social media about self care that make it seem like the whole world is constantly pampering themselves while sitting in folded leg yoga poses humming to themselves, eyes closed, in total zen. It’s like there’s something wrong with me because who has time for…

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What is anxiety, anyway?

flames burn like anxiety

I took a course on Anxiety recently and I’ve really dug into learning as much as I can about it in recent years. We all have anxiety in one form or another. When I go out in life – in traffic, in grocery stores, on social media – it’s clearly growing as a problem. Everyone’s…

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How your internal dialogue sets your life standards

Every single woman I know struggles in some way or another to live up to the standards… …the standards society puts on us, standards our bosses, families, and friends put on us. But mostly, the toughest standards are those we set for ourselves. We place unrealistic standards on ourselves and then are surprised and disappointed…

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